Chevaldy on tour
Der Weg ist das Ziel.....

Crew English

Skipper John (Sean), born August 1954 in Cork/Ireland. As an islander he was always attracted to the water. In his early years he already saw the world as a seaman. He loves as well to help people. In his profession as a masseur he could do so.

Co. Skipper Sabine, born in June 1967 in Reutlingen/Germany. Traveling was always a part of me. On one of my travels to Ireland I met my skipper 1988 and took him back with me to Germany. I was working as an accountant up to now.

Since 1991 we are married and now we want to fullfill our dream of a circumnavigation. But we don't want to have stress and so we will start slowly. We first will sail down the Adriatic Sea into the Mediterranean. If we think that we and Chevaldy will make it we will sail across the Atlantic to the Carribean Sea in November or December. Maybe in February we will cross the Pacific, who knows? If not, we will enjoy our time sailing around the Mediterranean.